Danforth Road was named for American temporary worker Asa Danforth Jr., who fabricated parts of what might progress toward becoming Queen Street and Kingston Road. He began work in 1799 on Danforth's Road as (initially) a hundred-mile course from Scarborough to the Trent River. That street was finished 1801, yet soon fell into decay and was to a great extent supplanted by the 1817 Kingston Road stagecoach course.

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Danforth Music Hall Theatre 147 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 1N2
Danforth Avenue was in the past assigned as Ontario Highway 5 from the Don River (at Bloor Street) east to Kingston Road. In the same way as other urban extends of common roadway, it was formally decommissioned as a Connecting Link on January 1, 1998.
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